General and Reconstructive Dentistry in Atlanta, GA

General dental procedures refer to preventive oral care like exams and cleanings and treating dental problems like gum disease. Reconstructive dentistry is a type of dentistry meant to repair and replace damaged teeth. 

The procedures can correct or improve teeth that have been damaged due to trauma or decay. It restores your smile and the functionality of the tooth.

Pros of General and Reconstructive Dentistry

General dentistry is all about preventing, diagnosing, and treating dental problems. It includes treating cavities and preventing them from spreading to other teeth and causing more problems. General dentistry also includes cleaning teeth, treating gum disease, and determining the best method of protecting teeth (such as with dental sealants). These treatments protect teeth from decay and help patients avoid the need for more extensive dental treatments later on.

Reconstructive dentistry includes treatment procedures that help restore a smile after severe damage or decay. It may involve rebuilding or replacing damaged teeth. Prosthodontics is a type of reconstructive dentistry that involves tooth replacement and restoration.

Some of the benefits include:
- Increased self-esteem
- Better overall health
- Improved appearance
- Improved comfort

General and Reconstructive Dentistry Procedure

Reconstructive dental surgery involves repairing and restoring a person’s smile. Depending on the patient’s situation, specific types of dental surgeries can be performed. 
There are a variety of reconstructive dental procedures. They include:
- Crowns and bridges
Crowns and bridges are very similar in both their function and appearance. Bridges replace missing teeth. A bridge consists of an artificial tooth with dental crowns on either side. When cemented in place, the bridge is attached to the adjacent teeth. It fills the gap and restores your smile.
- Fillings
Broken, worn, or decayed teeth can be restored with fillings. These procedures range from small fillings to root canals. Fillings restore tooth structure, preventing further decay. These procedures are often necessary before cosmetic restorations such as crowns and bridges can be placed.
- Dental implants
Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically placed into your jaw bone. The implant acts as an anchor for the replacement teeth. Dental implants permanently replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or even an entire arch of teeth.

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